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The transformational power of persistence and progression for the over-50s. It can work for you too.

I started cycling this season just 7 weeks ago, around the time of Covid-19 restrictions. Yesterday, I went out for a fantastic bike ride around the quiet local Warwickshire countryside. Blue skies, a warm breeze, incredible greens and vivid colours of late spring. According to Strava I chalked up 51km at an average speed of 20.4km/h. 397m of elevation and 948 cals burned. A satisfying combination of immersion in the great outdoors and a powerful endurance workout and I felt great afterwards.

Looking back to Strava, on that first outing back in late March I covered 18km at 20.0 km/h, gaining 144m elevation and burning 387 cals. I remember that it was a bit of a struggle, if the truth be told – especially the hills! So, roughly a 3-times uplift in 7 weeks by gradual progression - working through a series of 22/25/32/43 km rides. Similar routes, adding new sections each time, so I could index my performance.

I progressed without having to shred/smash/slave - elevating my fitness level one ride at a time. You can do the same...just get started and magic happens!

We have the entire summer ahead of us. Warm days, long evenings - more time to do stuff outdoors. Personally, I've 100km in my sights by the end of it...nothing like ambition, I reckon.

What about you? Why don't you start now and make the next 100 days transformational to your health and fitness too. Make this summer the start of your Active ComebackI

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