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In praise of life-long learning

I'm a huge believer in continuing education and continuous professional improvement. And when it comes to health and fitness I am passionate about become ever-better as a coach and instructor to the over-50s generation.

Over the past 8 weeks I've been involved in a couple of brilliant courses, based in the United States, focusing on Functional Fitness for older adults. I've learned so much that I'm now able to put into practice . Functional Fitness recognises that older adults generally need to exercise differently to younger ones - with a focus on a whole range of fitnesses - muscular/balance/mobility/posture/gait/cognitive - that allow us to do more in our lives for longer.

First, I'm really pleased to have been awarded my Functional Aging Group Exercise Specialist certification. And now I've just received my certificate for Training Older Adults Online. This was a masterclass in how to use live Zoom safely, effectively and creatively for small groups of home-based men and women without geographical limits. Ties in perfectly with my Functional Fitness for Groups qualification.

Very happy. What a great way it has been to use the UK Covid Lockdown time constructively. This is absolute dynamite!

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