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My giant step for 50-something me!

Around five years ago I planned a major career change and started my training to become a Personal Trainer. Then life threw me a curve ball and I lost my partner to cancer, which completely derailed those plans. For a while afterwards I thought maybe I’d missed the boat and I shelved the vision. Eventually, though, I emerged from that darker time and looking forward again, I decided to take the leap I’d planned.

So here I am today: a qualified fitness coach and leader, as well as an accredited Nordic Walking, Boxercise and Move it or Lose it instructor – with a specialist knowledge, interest and commitment to the over-50s generation.

I can help you – whether it’s to embark on your fitness journey, or elevate your current levels and re-energise you. Safely, and having fun along the way! Helping you to turbo-charge your life, to be fit for your best life.

It’s never too late!

Like many of you I’m sure, I’d played sport at school – football, rugby, cricket – but left them all behind at university. I did play many frames of snooker in the SU bar, but I don’t think that counts! However, what I did have was a long-held love of walking and cycling. Through career progression and growing families I managed to keep up some of these activities. I even took out a gym membership and visited sporadically - time permitting.

Then, as I hit my 50s, I realised that I had to protect, and ideally enhance, the fitness I had in order to build a physical buffer against ageing. So, I picked up the tempo. I was active more regularly and I quickly started to lose weight. 

That’s when I had my ‘lightbulb’ moment and decided to acquire the skills and knowledge to become a professional fitness coach for the over 50s. I wanted to spread the message, as an over-50, that we are better equipped to squeeze all the juice out of life if we invest in getting fitter and more any age. It’s never too late to benefit.

Let’s do this together

I’ve lived by that mantra myself. I’m fitter now than I have been for decades, and over 20 lbs lighter than I was in my heaviest, office-based days. Last year I did my first 100 km cycle ride (4h 58m) and first ever 10 km run (54m 40s). It's been emotional!

If any of this resonates with you, make a start now. Why not simply make contact and let’s talk about you and your “Why?”

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My Fitness Qualifications

- Level 2 Gym Instructor

- Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • Enhanced Kettlebells

  • Enhanced Functional Training

  • Combined Boxing

  • Enhanced Circuits

  • Enhanced Suspension Training

- Level 3 Group Outdoor Fitness Trainer

- Functional Aging Group Exercise Specialist

- Training Older Adults Online Specialist

- Advanced Boxercise Instructor

- British Nordic Walking Nordic Walking     

  Instructor + Parkinsons' specialist

- Urban Poling with Activator Poles Instructor

- Move it or Lose it Instructor

- UK Athletics Running for Fitness Leader

- British Cycling Group Ride Leader

- Walking for Health Group Leader

My Professional Memberships


- UK Athletics

- British Coaching

- British Nordic Walking

- British Cycling

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