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I took on the 20km Nordic Walking challenge today. The longest of the 3 May Challenges from British Nordic Walking and my longest single Nordic Walk to date. 3:07:43 at 9:22min/km. A little slower than my 10k (8:48min/km), but slap bang on my target as I took that first step under grey skies at 11.25am.

I really enjoyed it, criss-crossing Newbold Comyn, up and down, following the old golf course fairways, then through the nature reserve, and finishing off in the beautiful Jephson Gardens by the River Leam.

I walked fasted and without stopping. It felt great and to be honest the time seemed to fly by. I was able to slip into a really optimal positive walking technique, making the most of my upper-body input through the poles and averaged 6.4 km/h over the three-hour jaunt.

Hitting the groove with Nordic Walking technique, relaxing into using your triceps for added propulsion alters the walking experience. Its a little like smooth gliding and a really satisfying flowing motion.

It takes time and practice to perfect the NW technique and you can learn. Come and give it a try for your self with a safe, free 1-2-1 taster session with me. Let's get moving!

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