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2020 is done. That extraordinary year is history. There were many lows, yet I start 2021 looking back with some pride at the positive story that I take with me as a springboard into this new year. A year of being active outdoors...more so than ever before.

Over 2020, Strava became a constant companion…recording my activities (most of them anyway) and charting my journey – from Mind’s Red January daily challenge, to a beautiful New Year’s Eve Cotswold walk under blue skies with snow underfoot.

Pocket pal

Strava has very helpfully packaged the cumulative data from these into the story of my year. And here it is:

- Total distance: 3,447km from Walking, Hiking, Cycling, Nordic Walking, Running. London to Cairo as the crow flies. I’d set myself a target of 2020km in the year and exceeded it by 70%. In fact, I ended up covering 2020km on two wheels alone.

- Total elevation gain: 25,436m. 83,500ft = 3-times up Everest

All this from an investment of roughly an hour a day. Most of it within 25 miles of home. In all weathers. More to the point it was, for the most part, so enjoyable. So many sights, sounds and unexpected discoveries – many of which had been under my nose all along.

Starting over

I start again at zero. Can I beat my best-in-a-lifetime performance of 2020? In truth, that’s not my goal…although I will be very happy if I do. OK, to be honest, I’m setting myself a target of 2021 miles of moving by leg power.

More to the point, I aim to invest an hour a day again moving outdoors. I can work that into my life. Whatever the combination of activities, I know I will enjoy it and feel energised and enriched on the back of it.

All of us start from zero today, we’re all on the same starting line. Why not set yourself a goal of some sort. Do something you like…try something new. Do it alone, find a friend, join a club. Track it and be amazed how the kilometres quickly mount up.

Just keep active and enjoy the benefits.

Best wishes for 2021. Let’s get moving.

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