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Getting Britain Nordic Walking for Better Health!


If you started enjoying outdoor exercise during lockdown...If you know you need to get healthier to help protect yourself from the effects of coronavirus…If you want to get back to exercising but are concerned about doing so indoors...then Nordic Walking is for you!

Nordic Walking is: 1. Not just “walking with poles” – it’s a technique that uses specially designed poles to propel you forward, giving you health and fitness benefits that “normal” walking cannot.

2. For everybody – if you can walk, you can Nordic Walk. And it has something for everybody from the exercise-averse to the super-fit.

3. For everywhere and anywhere – from urban streets to country parks to the wild outdoors. It’s so versatile, Nordic Walk to suit you.

4. Fantastic for improving strength, losing weight, and boosting your overall fitness – a great all-round exercise where you don’t even feel as though you’re working as hard as you are!

Where do you start? With a good instructor from British Nordic Walking!

Nordic Walking is very easy to learn but to get its full benefits you need to do it properly. I teach the internationally-recognised 10 Step Method. Why is this important? Because the research that shows that Nordic Walking can burn 20-46% calories than normal walking used this method. So, if you want to achieve that effect, you need to get this technique right.

I run regular Nordic Walking groups where you can practice and hone your technique – and meet new people and make new friends. I am also fully equipped to teach Nordic Walking and run group sessions safely and compliant with all guidance on Covid-19. So don’t worry, you’ll be safe from the word go.

If you're thinking about trying out Nordic Walking, just drop me a line and we'll get you started! To find out even more join my by invitation-only Facebook community. Just search for "British Nordic Walking in the Heart of England" and request to join.

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