• Mick Hurrell

Limitless! Bring it on!

Wednesday May 13th....limitless socially distanced exercising outdoors, that's great news! 3 weeks from today is June 1. Here's an idea to take advantage of these new freedoms.

Why not challenge yourself to get outside and move at least once every day for the next 20 days? Walk, cycle, jog, Nordic Walk. Even better, download the free Strava app ( to your phone and start logging those Kms, for yourself and to share proudly with friends. 100km in 20 days. Does that sound a lot? It's not really – 5km (10,000 steps) per day - that's an hour a day.

Whatever works best for you - 4x15min / 3x20min / 2x30min or the big one off?! They all count! What a great foundation for the summer months. Let's get outside. Let's get moving!

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