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How I climbed Everest twice in the last 6 months!

I've totalled up my moving activities for the six months April-Sept 2020. Wow! Six completely Covid-defined months. It's amazing how the miles pile up by simply being consistent.

So as the darker days of Autumn kick in, the scores on the doors for Walking/Cycling/Nordic Walking/Running/Hiking combined are...

- Distance covered: 2,429km. That's over 400km per month on average. Its getting from Reading to Gibraltar (always an ambition). - Elevation gained: 17,487m. That's TWICE up Everest (8,848m), just for the hell of it.

I've never achieved anything remotely like this (if it is an achievement). The truth is, it's just been an investment of an average of about an hour a day. Pleasure, not pain.

More to the point, it's been 200 hours-plus in the great outdoors – experiencing the seasons of Spring and Summer ebb and flow. Such vistas and colours in nature are crystallised into the these bald stats.

It's been a privilege to navigate such turbulent times so positively.

Movement as medicine. One message: Let's get moving.

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