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Done with a ton!

I wanted to complete my 2020 Myton Hospices Charity Cycle Challenge in some style. I needed 73km to reach my self-set target of 805km/500 miles. So I posted a 101km ride - only my second-ever ton on two wheels!

Heading south to the Cotswolds and back under bright skies, I covered it in under five hours gaining 875m of elevation along the way.

My target was to accumulate 800km in 8 weeks. I did it in under 7, over 17 rides, and raised £340 for the Hospice. Feeling very happy with that.

Would I have gotten out and cycled 500 miles recreationally in 50 days normally? No. It's the motivating power of the challenge - the power of a goal and accountability. So glad I did it.

Why not join a challenge event to get yourself started on a fitter, healthier path?

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