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Over the past 10 months I have learned the power of taking on active challenges – the power of goals and persistence to drive my health and fitness and transform my lifestyle. It worked for me – discover how it can work for you, too.

CHAPTER 1: It was only last August that I took the first of these challenges. It was the first activity challenge of my life – a 100km charity cycle ride for Myton Hospice. Myton brilliantly looked after my partner in her final days as she succumbed to the cancer she had fought with all of her life forces and I wanted to show my support in a practical way. It was a tough day for those who took part. It was also double the max distance I'd ever tackled before, with 5 hours in the saddle, up and down unforgiving chunks of the Cotswolds. But the feeling of achievement and exhilaration crossing the line was incredible and I felt a sense of accomplishment that has not left me.

CHAPTER 2. I started jogging again just last April, after a gap of, what, must have been 35 years! By the end of that month I'd worked up to my first 5k and over the summer I clocked around thirty, 5k sessions. For a challenge (and to double my comfort distance) I entered the Alcester 10k Challenge. So in early October I lined up with a thousand other nervous hopefuls to pound the country roads around Alcester. Under sunny skies I went round in just under 55 minutes - a good 5 mins faster that I'd dared hope to do, finishing in the middle of my age range. Again a tremendous sense of achievement. It was emotional. I think I crossed a threshold of belief. I knew that if I could do it in my late 50s, I could inspire my peers to take the plunge.

CHAPTER 3. Brings me up to last month, the 5/10/20km triple challenge from British Nordic Walking. Again I was pushed to double my comfort zone. It was a virtual challenge, and so self motivation was critical. I did it and I loved it and now have the medals as souvenirs I now know that with focus I am capable of doubling my routine best.

Three different challenges in three activities in 10 months. Added 100% to my PB in each.

That, I think, is the power of challenges to help focus on driving transformation.

I'm looking for my next challenge.

Where are you going to start? Just start doing something you enjoy and amaze yourself with how far you can you can progress in just 6-12 months. Smash out of your current plateau.

If you need a helping hand to get going just give me a shout. Let's get moving!

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