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A great low-impact exercise...and a medal!

Yesterday evening was just perfect on Newbold Comyn here in Leamington.

Blue skies, gentle warm breeze and a nature-flattering light from the low sun. I couldn't have picked a better time to do my 10km May Nordic Walking Challenge, which is raising funds for British Nordic Walking. I was expecting a time of 1h 45m, but in the event I completed it in 1hr 29m at an average speed of 8.48min/km (according to Strava). Very happy with that.

What a great way to spend 90 mins. A great, low-impact full-body workout in nature. With poles, my pace is 30% faster than my average walking pace, so my calorie burn was higher and shoulders, arms and core worked in a way that walking alone doesn't come near. Next week is the big one - 20km. Looking forward to that 3-hour jaunt!

If you've never picked up a pair of Nordic Walking poles, contact me for a free, safe and socially distanced 1-2-1 taster session. Now's a great time to start!

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