Fast & Fun!

Learn the basic skills of boxing and combine them with high-intensity aerobics for a fun, challenging and safe full-body work out to music.


Suitable for anyone – regardless of fitness, shape, experience, gender or age!


Variety packed: inside & out!

Circuit training is a versatile and flexible multi-exercise workout, regardless of your fitness level!


It's an ideal balance between strength and cardio conditioning. Circuits can also help those new to training, those returning from illness or injury to improve your fitness and overall health quickly.

Come and build your functional fitness to get more out of life!


Get out and get jogging!

Join in for a fun, social, safe and inclusive 9-week progressive  programme to get you able to jog a 5k Park Run in next to no time! Go on, you'll amaze yourself with what you can achieve!


Join a supportive beginner’s group and change your life!


Boost your get up and go!

Especially designed for the over-60s and those in rehab that need to rebuild their strength, balance, stability and confidence.


You'll sign up to a fun, safe and social 60-minute full-body exercise programme to music – performed standing, supported or seated.


Great for supporting independent living.


Bike to the future!

Saddle up and make cycling a social activity and experience the joy of group riding. 

This will have a hugely beneficial impact on your overall fitness and its a great way for beginners to improve their ability quickly.


Pick from routes covering 20km to 50km in the beautiful
Warwickshire countryside!

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