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Release your Roar!

Start your comeback today 

You can harness the disruption caused by Covid-19 positively, as a catalyst for enduring change! Get moving now and emerge from the lockdown ready to move forward with renewed purpose and energy...and ready to achieve your personal goals and ambitions!

Join me to develop your personalised, online

6-Week Active Comeback Programme. 

Q: Who is it for?

  • Men and women aged over 50

  • Co-habiting couples aged over 50

Q: What does it involve?

  • 15 purpose-designed activity sessions and two direct consultations, all of which can be carried out within the government’s current Covid-19 restrictions

  • Home and outdoors-based. Non-gym 

  • Based on the activities you like the most

  • My 100% money-back guarantee

Whatever your starting point, working together we will lay the solid, measurable foundations for you to move forward to achieve your cherished goals and ambitions.

What’s The Plan?

WEEK 1: We’ll start with a 1.5 hour “Getting to Know You” consultation call and I’ll ask you to take some simple Base Camp fitness-level measurements. Then together, we’ll establish your personal 6-week goals. 

From that I’ll produce a completely tailored 6-week activity and nutrition Comeback Plan for you, based on your “Why? It will be designed to be varied, fun, challenging, safe and sustainable. Then we’ll get you started with Session 1.


WEEKS 2-5: You’ll work through three active sessions per week (this can be adapted to suit you). I’ll monitor your progress closely and be on hand to help you with any questions you may have and we’ll have a weekly catch up/review/refine conversation. We’ll track your sessions via your phone on Strava, or with your own fitness device and keep a nutrition log.


WEEK 6: Your two final active sessions followed by a Completion Consultation, where we’ll take Active Summit 1 measurements and review your progress against your goals.

Q: Is it safe?

Your plan will be tailor-made and built around your current fitness level – taking account of any medical conditions you may have. I will ask you to complete a Physical Activity Preparedness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) before we start the programme, which will identify whether you need to contact your GP first for approval to proceed. Then ongoing, we’ll carefully monitor your exertions to keep you working within your safe limits.


Q: What’s The Cost?

For the duration of the C-19 restrictions I’m offering my online-only Active Comeback Programme for just £75pp! That’s a saving of over 60% on my face-2-face rate! You’ll also have peace of mind with my 100% 'Success or Cash-Back Guarantee'*.

Why wait any longer – Let's get moving! 

*We’ll agree your 6-week goals and my programme will be designed to help you achieve them. If you adhere fully to the agreed programme and record your activities and you do not achieve those goals I will offer you a no-quibble refund of the programme cost.

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